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The firm primarily provides a full range of corporate, business and commercial legal services, Tax planning and Fiduciary services.

A Major Jurisdictional Contender for Holding Companies

The two major factors that investors consider when incorporating a holding company are: (i) the tax efficiency in accumulating the profits of the subsidiaries into the holding company; and (ii) minimization of capital gains taxes arising from the liquidation of participations in subsidiaries and/or the liquidation of the holding company and then repatriation of the investment.

Mutual Funds-International Collective Investment Schemes

With the registration of a Cyprus Fund -International Collective Investment Scheme, and by providing the required services and facilities for the incorporation of investment companies, classifies Cyprus once again as among of the major International financial centres worldwide.

A Foreign Company may redomicile to Cyprus

Under the Cyprus Company Law Cap 113 an amendment has occurred [with Law 124(I)/2006] which enables a foreign company to transfer its domiciliation (registered office, etc) to Cyprus and continue its corporate operations from Cyprus under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus is a popular jurisdiction for international business and is widely used in international tax planning.Among the benefits of using Cyprus as a corporate vehicle are the lowest rate of corporate taxation in Europe:

  • 12.5% on the net profits;
  • No withholding tax on dividends;
  • Extensive Double Tax Treaty network;
  • Favourable tax provisions which elevate Cyprus as a prime holding and Trading company jurisdiction.

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Company Law Amendment – Law117(I)/2011

Recently there was an amendment of the Company law – Law117(I)/2011 in which all the registered companies to the Cyprus Department of the Registrar of Companies are obliged to pay an annual levy of 350€ according to the following process.  Continue reading…

Cyprus is among the best favourable Taxable countries

Cyprus is a competitive jurisdiction for registration of companies and frequently is used with other countries for international tax planning. Benefits of forming a Cyprus company are the following: the lowest rate of corporate taxation in Europe, an extensive Double Tax Treaty network, and favourable tax provisions which elevate Cyprus as a prime holding company jurisdiction. The below table outlines why Cyprus is among the best favourable Taxable countries in the EU. We have collected the 3 major types of taxation from all European countries. Continue reading…